Impressing with your Resume

Impressing with your Resume

If you are looking for that one Dream Job, then few points, one should keep in mind while making his/her resume.

List your technical knowledge first, in an organised way. Your technical stregths must stand out clearly at the beginning of your resume.

List your qualifications in order of relevance, from most to least. Only list your degree and educational qualifications first if they are truly relevant to the job for which you are applying.

Quantify your experience wherever possible. Cite numerical figures, such as monetary budgets/funds saved, time periods/efficiency improved, lines of code written/debugged, numbers of machines administered/fixed, etc.

Begin sentences with action verbs. Potray yourself as someone who is active, uses their brain, and gets things done. Stick with the past tense, even for descriptions of currently held positions, to avoid confusion.

Have a trusted friend review your resume. Be sure to pick someone who is attentive to details, can effectively critique your writing, and will give an honest and objective opinion.

Proofread. Be sure to catch all spelling errors, grammatical weakenesses, unusual punctuation, and inconsistent capitalisations.
These tips will certainly help you in your search for a perfect career.


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