Tips to be an Effective HR Professional.

Working as an HR Professional, there are various things one should keep in mind. You must always ensure that you are doing your job effectively. Here are few of my tips which will help you in managing Human resources more effectively and efficiently:

Recruitment & Retention:

Managing an HR unit has never been an easy task. If you are into HR management, you should be aware that the key to employing the right people for a company as well as retaining the useful and reliable people also relies on your ability of managing human resources well.To be an effective HR manager, you should focus more into hiring the best and most promising potential employees for the company as well as retaining the talent earlier hired. Being an HR professional your key to success will lie in how well you are able to balance the above two mentioned activites.

Treat everyone equally and with Respect :

One of the important element that must be kept in mind while taking the role of an HR Manager is the treatment you will be giving to your people. Your role restricts you to be biased towards a particular individual and also expects that you respect people’s feelings and emotions. Your treatment will be your stepping stone in taking the buyin of people at a later stage. Hence ensure that you treat your employees with due respect and equality.

Let your employees see you as a person and not their HR Manager:

The image of an HR Manager has changed drastically over the last decade. Their role is not restricted to a mere personnel function in an organization, but gained an important strategic dimension in all decision making activities. People expect alot more from their HR Managers in terms of their engagement, productivity, performance and recognition. It is important for us to understand that our employees wants us to be more than an HR Manager. They want us to be more personal with them and help them to fight or solve any problem whether related to their profession or not.The role today requires an HR Manager to be more close to their employees to sense their pulse and

Work as a Team:

Working with your fellow staff members as a Team is the key to success and your existence. Remember that people have capabilities which needs to be exploited so that they are more productive. As an HR Manager you need to identify these talents in your employees and align yourself to become a part of them. Team working hence holds a vital position in accomplishing any given task.

There’s no substitute for a good attitude:

“It is the attitude and not the aptitude That determines the altitude of a person”. That is what the fact remains. It always starts with a Big A, which makes the difference. While we get involved in our day-to-day affairs, we need to keep our Attitude as high as possible. There are various dimensions to the attitude. If we see in our professional and personal lives, we find people highly successful in managing their lives if they exhibit a right attitude. People, who tend to go towards negative situations, always get negative results in life.

Tough situations are an excellent time for learning:

Challenges are the real testers of ones preserverance and attitude. It is in these situations that you will learn and come out heroically. Your learning starts when you make mistakes. It is said that if you aren’t making mistakes you ain’t growing.

Take time for yourself. (and your family):

Your family has a very important role to play so that you can concentrate on your job. A good manager is one who knows how to keep a balance between his personal as well as professional life. He is responsible to the organization and has an equal important role to play at home.
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