CHAPTER II Registration of Establishments

3. Registration of establishments :- (1) Every employer of an establishment shall,

(i) in the case of an establishment existing on the date of commencement of this Act, within thirty days from that date; and

(ii) in the case of a new establishment, within thirty days from the date on which the establishment commences its work, send to the Inspector concerned a statement containing such particulars, together with such fees, as may be prescribed.

(2) On receipt of such statement, the Inspector shall register the establishment in the register of establishments in such manner as may be prescribed and shall issue in the prescribed form a registration certificate to the employer who shall display it at a prominent place of the establishment.

(3) Every registration certificate issued under sub section (2), shall be valid with effect from the date on which it is issued upto the 31st day of December following.

(4) Every employer shall give intimation to the Inspector, in the prescribed form, any change in any of the particulars in the statement made under sub section (1) within fifteen days after the change has taken place. The Inspector shall, on receipt of such intimation and the fees prescribed therefor make the change in the register of establishments in accordance with such intimation and shall amend the registration certificate or issue a fresh registration certificate, if necessary.

(5) The employer shall, within fifteen days of the closure of the establishment, give intimation thereof in writing to the Inspector, who shall, on receipt of such intimation, remove the name of the establishment from the register of establishments and cancel the registration certificate:

Provided that, where the Inspector is satisfied otherwise than on receipt of such intimation, that the establishment has been closed, he shall remove the name of such establishment from the register and cancel the registration certificate.

4. Renewal of registration certificates :- (1) The Inspector may, on an application made by the employer accompanied by the fees prescribed therefor, renew the registration certificate for a period of one year or for such number of years as may be prescribed, commencing from the date of its expiry.

(2) Every application for the renewal of the registration certificate shall be made in such form and in such manner as may be prescribed so as to reach the Inspector not later than thirty days before the date of its expiry:

Provided that, an application for the renewal of a registration certificate received not later than thirty days after its expiry may be entertained by the Inspector on the applicant paying such penalty as may be prescribed, by the Government from time to time.

(3) An applicant for the renewal of a registration certificate under sub section (2) shall, until communication of orders on his application, be entitled to act as if the registration certificate had been renewed.

5. Revocation or suspension of the Registration certificate :- If the Inspector is satisfied, either on a reference made to him in this behalf or otherwise, that

(a) The Registration Certificate granted under Section 3 or renewed under Section 4 has been obtained by mis representation, fraud or suppression of any material fact; or

(b) the employer has wilfully contravened any of the provisions of this Act or the Rules made thereunder. the Inspector may without prejudice to any other penalty to which the employer may be liable under this Act, revoke or suspend the Registration Certificate, after giving the employer an opportunity of showing cause.

6. Appeal against revocation or suspension of the Registration certificate :- (1) Any person aggrieved by an order made under Section 5 may, within thirty days from the date on which the order is communicated to him, prefer an appeal to such authority as may be prescribed:

Provided that the appellate authority may entertain the appeal after the expiry of the said period of thirty days if he is satisfied that the appellant was prevented by sufficient cause from the filing the appeal in time.

(2) On receipt of an appeal under sub section (1), the appellate authority shall, after giving the appellant an opportunity of being heard, dispose of the appeal within two months.


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