CHAPTER VI Health and Safety

26. Cleanliness :- The premises of every establishment shall be kept clean and free from effluvia arising from any drain or privy or other nuisance and shall be cleaned at such times and by such methods as may be prescribed.

27. Ventilation :- The premises of every establishment shall be ventilated as provided for in the laws relating to the municipalities, Gram Panchayats or other local authorities for the time being in force.

28. Precautions for the safety of employees in establishments :- (1) In every establishment other than such establishment or class of establishments as the Governments may, by notification, specify, such precautions against fire shall be taken as may be prescribed.

(2) If power driven machinery is used, or any process which, in the opinion of the Government, is likely to expose any employee to a serious risk of bodily injury is carried on in any establishment, such precautions including the keeping of first aid box shall be taken by the employer for the safety of the employees therein, as may be prescribed.

29. Maximum permissible load :- (1) No employee in any establishment shall be required or allowed to engage in the manual transport of a load therein which by reason of its weight is likely to jeopardise his health or safety.

(2) The Government may, for the purposes of this section prescribe different maximum limits of weight, for different classes of employees in any establishment.

Explanation :- For the purposes of this section, the term manual transport of a load means any transport in which the weight of the load is wholly borne by one employee, inclusive of the lifting and putting down of load.


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