63.    The contractor shall fix wage periods in respect of which wages shall be payable.

64.    No wage period shall exceed one month.

65.    The wages of every person employed as contract labour in an establishment or by a contractor where less than one thousand such persons are employed shall be paid before the expiry of the seventh day and in other cases before the expiry of tenth day after the last day of the wage period in respect of which the wages are payable.

66.    Where the employment of any worker is terminated by or on behalf of the contractor, the wages earned by him shall be paid before the expiry of the second working day from the day on which his employment is terminated.

67.    All payments of wages shall be made on a working day at the work premises and during the working time and on a date notified in advance and in case the work is completed before the expiry of the wage period, final payment shall be made within 48 hours of the last working day.

68.    Wages due to every worker shall be paid to him direct or to other person authorized by him in this behalf.

69.    All wages shall be paid in current coin or currency or in both.

70.    Wages shall be paid without any deductions of any kind except those specified by the State Government by general or special order in this behalf or permissible under the Payment of Wages Act, 1936 (4 of 1936).

71.    A notice showing the wage period and the place and time of disbursement of wages shall be displayed at the place of work and a copy sent by the contractor to the Principal Employer under acknowledgement.

72.    The principal employer shall ensure the presence of his authorized representative at the place and time of disbursement of wages by the contractor to workmen and it shall be the duty of the contractor to ensure the disbursement of wages in the presence of such authorized representative

73.    The authorized representative of the principal employer shall record under his signature a certificate at the end of the entries in the Register of Wages or the Register of Wages-cum-Muster Roll, as the case may be, in the following form:

 “Certified that the amount shown in column No…. has been paid to the workman concerned in my presence on…….at……”


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