74. Register of contractors.-Every principal employer shall maintain in respect of each registered establishment a register of contractor in Form XII.

75. Register of persons employed.-Every contractor shall maintain in respect of each registered establishment where he employs contract labour a register in Form XIII.

76 Employment Card.-(i) Every contractor shall issue an employment card in Form XIV to each worker within three days of the employment of the worker.

(ii) The card shall be maintained up to date and any change in the particulars shall be entered therein.

77. Service Certificate:- On termination of employment for any reason whatsoever the contractor shall issue to the workman whose services have been terminated a Service Certificate in Form XV.

78.Master Roll, Wages Registers, Deduction Register and Overtime Register.- (1)(a) Every Contractor shall in respect of each work on which he engages contractor labour,-

(i) Maintain a Muster Roll and a Register of Wages in FormXVI and Form XVII respectively:

Provided that a combined Register of Wages-cum-Muster Roll in Form XVIII shall be maintained by the contractor where the wage period is a fortnight or less;

(ii) Maintain a Register of Deductions for damage or loss, Register of Fines and Register of Advances in Form XX, Form XXI and Form XXII respectively;

(iii) Maintain a Register of Overtime in Form XXIII recording therein the number of hours of, and wages paid for, overtime work, if any;

(b) Every contractor shall, where the wage period is one week or more, issue wage slips in Form XIX, to the workmen at least a day prior to the disbursement of wages;

(c) Every contractor shall obtain the signature or thumb-impression of the worker concerned against the entries relating to him on the Register of wages or Muster Roll-cum–Wages Register as the case maybe, and the entries shall be authenticated by the initials of the contractor or his authorized representatives and shall also be duly certified by the authorized representative of the principal employer in the manner provided in rule 73.

(d) In respect of establishments which are governed by the Payment of Wages Act, 1936 (4 of 1936) and the rules made there under, or the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 (11 of 1948) or the rules made there under, the following registers and records required to be maintained by a contractor as employer under those Acts and the rules made there under shall be deemed to be registered and records to be maintained by the contractor under these rules, namely:;-

(a) Muster Roll;

(b) Register of Wages;

(c) Register of Deductions;

(d) Register of Overtime;

(e) Register of Fines;

(f) Register of Advances;

(g) Wage slip.

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, where a combined or alternative form is sought to be used by the contractor to avoid duplication of work for compliance with the provisions of any other Act or the rules framed there under or any other laws ors regulations or in cases where mechanized pay rolls are introduced for better administration, alternative suitable form or forms in lieu of any of the forms prescribed under these rules, may be used with the previous approval of the Regional Labour Commissioner (Central).

79. Every contractor shall display an abstract of the Act and rules in English and Hindi and in the language spoken by the majority of workers in such form as may be approved by the Chief Labour Commissioner (Central).

80. (1) All registers and other records, required to be maintained under the Act and rules, shall be maintained complete and uptodate, and, unless otherwise provided for, shall be kept at an office or the nearest convenient building within the precincts of the workplace or at a place within a radius of three kilometers.

(2) Such register shall be maintained legibly in English and Hindi or in the languages understood by the majority of the persons employed in the establishments.

(3) All the registers and other records shall be preserved in original for a period of three calendar years from the date of last entry therein.

(4) All the registers, records and notices maintained under the Act or rules shall be produced on demand before the Inspector or any other authority under the Act or any person authorized in that behalf by the Central Government

(5) Where no deduction or fine has been imposed or no overtime has been worked during any wage period, a ‘nil’ entry shall be made across the body of the register at the end of the wage period indicating also in precise terms the wage period to which the ‘nil’ entry relates, in the respective registers maintained in Forms XX, XXI and XXIII respectively

81. (1) (i) Notices showing the rates of wages, hours of work, wage periods, dates of payment of wages, names and addresses of the Inspector having jurisdiction and date of payment of unpaid wages shall be displayed in English and in Hindi and in the local language understood by the majority of the workers in conspicuous places at the establishment and the work-site by the principal employer or the contractors as the case may be.

(ii) The notice shall be correctly maintained in a clean and legible condition.

(2) A copy of the notice shall be sent to the Inspector and whenever any changes occur the same shall be communicated to him forthwith.

(3) Every principal employer shall, within fifteen days of the commencement or completion of each contract work under each contractor, submit a return to the Inspector, appointed under Section 28 of the Act, intimating the actual dates. Of the commencement or, as the case may be, completion of such contract work, in Form VI B.

82(1) every contractor shall send half yearly returns in Form, XXIV (in duplicate) so as to reach the Licensing Officer concerned not later than 30 days from the close of the half year.

Note- Half year for the purpose of this rule means “a period of 6 months commencing from Ist January and Ist July of every year.”

(2) Every principal employer of a registered establishment shall send annually a return in Form XXV (in duplicate) so as to reach the Registering Officer concerned not later than the 15th February following the end of the year to which it relates.

(3) The returns to be submitted under this rule by contractor/or principal employer shall be correct complete and uptodate in all respects.

83. (1) The Board, Committee, Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) or the Inspector or any other authority under the Act shall have powers to call for any information or statistics in relation to contract labour from any contractor or principal employer at any time by an order in writing.

(2) Any person called upon to furnish the information under sub-rule (1) shall be legal bound to do so.


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