CHAPTER X Appointment, Powers and duties of the Chief Inspector and Inspectors

57. Appointment of Chief Inspector and Inspectors :- The Government may, by notification, appoint a Chief Inspector and such number of Inspectors as may be necessary for the purposes of this Act and fix the local limits of their jurisdiction.

58. Powers and duties of Chief Inspector :- The Chief Inspector may exercise and perform in addition to the powers and duties conferred and imposed on him by or under this Act, all the powers and duties of an Inspector under this Act.

59. Powers and duties of Inspectors :- An Inspector may, within the local limits for which he is appointed,

(a) enter at all reasonable hours with the assistance of such persons in the service of the Government or any local authority as he thinks fit, any place which is or which he has reason to believe is used as an establishment;

(b) make such inspection of the premises and of any registers or other records and take on the spot or otherwise evidence of such persons, as he may deem necessary in the manner prescribed;

(c) exercise such other powers as may be necessary for carrying out of the purposes of this Act.

60. Chief Inspector and Inspectors to be public servants :- The Chief Inspector and every Inspector shall be deemed to be public servants within the meaning of Section 21 of the Indian Penal Code.


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