• Declaration Forms in Form-1 to be filled in properly for registration of employees. The Form should contain all relevant information asked for in respect of each coverable employee and submitted to the Branch Office concerned within ten days of entry into insurable employment. Before filling Declaration Form it should be ensured that the worker was not insured under the ESI Scheme in the past. If so, the old Insurance No. should be indicated in the Form.

  • All fresh entrants into the insurable employment should be advised to furnish two post card size family photographs (of IP and dependants only) with the Declaration Form to the appropriate Branch Office. In case of online submission of Declaration Form Photographs of IP, Family, IPs Signature can be uploaded through Employer's Login.

  • Temporary Identification Certificate annexed to the Declaration Form may be obtained from the Branch Office Manager with his seal and signature and issued to the insured employee forthwith. In case of online submission, TIC can be permitted to print at Employer's end,subject to complete data and photographs uploaded.

  • On receipt of Permanent Identity Cards from the Local Office the same should be passed on to the insured employees without delay.

  • In order to facilitate a newly insured person to avail medical benefit under the Scheme in absence of an identity certificate!' identity card, a 'Certificate of Employment' may be issued to the insured person in Form 86. This certificate, issued by the employer, remains valid for three months but can be revalidated for a further period not exceeding 3 months.

  • Submit an “Accident Report” to the Local Office/ESI dispensary concerned immediately in respect of accidents that could result in death or disablement and within 24 hours of its Occurrence otherwise. Minor accidents which do not cause absence from work need not be reported.

  • Whenever events, such as, marriage birth or death entails any additions or deletions in the family particulars of an insured person, the requisite information has to be conveyed by the employer in 'Form 1-B to the Branch Office within 15 days from the occurrence of such a change.

  • On re-entry of a person into insurable employment or, where an insured person had been disentitled to medical benefit due to non submission of Return of Contribution, the employer may issue a 'Certificate of re-employment' or 'continuing employment' to such person in Form ESIC 37. This certificate will enable the Insured Person to avail medical benefit from the date of issuance.

  • If an insured employee needs a change of dispensary due to any valid reasons an application may be mad in Form 'ESIC53'.

  • Accident Report in respect of an insured employee may be submitted immediately in case of death or serious injury and in other cases within 24 hours of an accident. For this Form 16 be filled up in triplicate and one copy each forwarded to the Branch Office and Dispensary: Form-32 may also be submitted along with the accident report in case an accident has occurred prior to the commencement of the first Benefit Period of the IP to enable the Branch Office determine the rate of Disablement Benefit.

  • Whenever an Insured Person goes out of station on duty or leave he may be issued a certificate in Form ESIC 105. This will enable him and his family to avail medical treatment in ESI Dispensaries/hospitals elsewhere, if available at such outstation.

  • If any insured person is in need of a duplicate identity care, an application may be made to the Branch Office Manager in Form ESIC 72.

  • Return of Contribution may be submitted in time with all relevant particulars neatly filled up against all insured persons with Insurance Numbers in ascending order. Remember, any inadvertent deletion may debar an Insured Person from availing benefit due to him/her.


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