>> What are the records to be maintained for ESI purpose?

In addition to the Muster roll, wage record and books of Account maintained under other laws, the employer is required to maintain the following registers for ESI:-
1. Employees Register in new Form 6
2. Accident Register in new Form 11 and
3. An inspection book. The immediate employer is also required to maintain the Employee's Register for the employees deployed to the principal employer.

>> What are the returns/ reports to be submitted by the employer? 

1. An annual return in Form 01-A by 31st January of every year to the Regional Office showing the changes if any during the preceding year.
2. Return of Contributions in quadruplicate for each contribution period to be submitted to the branch office duly enclosing all the paid challans for the six months within 42 days of expiry of each contribution period, i.e. by 11th November for contribution period ended 30th Sept., and 12th  May for the contribution period ended 31st March.
3. Reports: Accident report in Form 12 in case any accident takes place, to the notice of the Accident.
4. Declaration Forms: in Form 1 for all the employees at the time of coverage of the unit, and thereafter as and when a new employee joins the insurable employment along with a return in Form 3 in duplicate with in 10 days.


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