• A notice of accident under Workmen's Compensation Act may not be necessary if the employer has knowledge about the accident.
Madhya Pradesh Mining Corporation through Manager Mines Satna v. Munda Kol, 1990 LLR 115 (MP HC).

• Notice of accident by the workman will not be necessary when the employer has himself paid medical bill for treatment.
Deep Metal industries, Chakan v. B.D. Gaikwad, (1995) 2 LLN 8410 (1998) III LLj (Supp) 305: 1995 LLR 862: 1995 LIC 1002 (Born He).

• When the Commissioner under the Act is satisfied that the failure to give notice of accident was due to sufficient cause, thus not issuing of notice would not operate as to entertainment of the claim for compensation.
Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. v. Renu Devi, (1997) 1 BLjR 448: 1997 (2) CLR 524 (Pat He).

• An employer, having means to know of accident through other employees ¬Failure of workman to issue a notice to - Cannot be considered as fatal to the claim for compensation.
T.N. Narayanasamy v. Pat/usamy, (1997) 2 CLR 512: (1997) 3 LLN 9110 1997 (77) FLR 211 (Mad He).

• Want of notice pertaining to an accident will be no bar to claim compensation.
United India Insurance Company Ltd., Hyderabad v. Ramulu, 2000 LLR 344 (AP He).


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