Extension of the ESI Scheme to the Construction site workers

The matter of extending the benefits under ESI Act, 1948 to construction site workers have been examined at stretch and it is decided to revisit the Instruction No. 4/99 circulated vide letter no. P-12(l1)-11127/99-Ins.IV dated 14thJune 1999.

The Construction site workers who were kept out of coverage of ESI Act till date can now be covered with the implementation of IT Roll Out "Any time, Anywhere". ESIC services will be available to these mobile and migratory workers with no geographical barrier.

Also with user friendly instruction issued recently, the scope of medical care (primary, secondary and superspeciality treatment) is wide now and can be availed by these construction site workers. In other words, ESI Scheme is not restricted to our own dispensaries but the medical services can be availded at empanelled private dispensary/diagnostic Centre where ESIC is unable to provide services.

Further, if any Construction workers at site cannot avail ESI Scheme, they can be granted exemption in suitable cases.

Sourse : ESIC CIRCULAR No. P-12/11/11/60/2010-Rev-II Dt. 03-01-11


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