Have you been absent from work more than a few days in any previous position?

TRAPS:  If you’ve had a problem, you can’t lie.  You could easily be found out.  Yet admitting an attendance problem could raise many flags.

BEST ANSWER:  If you have had no problem, emphasize your excellent and consistent attendance record throughout your career.

Also describe how important you believe such consistent attendance is for a key executive…why it’s up to you to set an example of dedication…and why there’s just no substitute for being there with your people to keep the operation running smoothly, answer questions and handle problems and crises as they arise.

If you do have a past attendance problem, you want to minimize it, making it clear that it was an exceptional circumstance and that it’s cause has been corrected.

To do this, give the same answer as above but preface it with something like, “Other that being out last year (or whenever) because of (your reason, which is now in the past), I have never had a problem and have enjoyed an excellent attendance record throughout my career.  Furthermore, I believe, consistent attendance is important because…”  (Pick up the rest of the answer as outlined above.).


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