I’m concerned that you don’t have as much experience as we’d like in…

TRAPS:  This could be a make-or-break question.  The interviewer mostly likes what he sees, but has doubts over one key area.  If you can assure him on this point, the job may be yours.

BEST ANSWER:   This question is related to “The Fatal Flaw” (Question 18), but here the concern is not that you are totally missing some qualifications, such as CPA certification, but rather that your experience is light in one area.

Before going into any interview, try to identify the weakest aspects of your candidacy from this company’s point of view.  Then prepare the best answer you possible can to shore up your defenses.
To get past this question with flying colors, you are going to rely on your master strategy of uncovering the employer’s greatest wants and needs and then matching them with your strengths.  Since you already know how to do this from Question 1, you are in a much stronger position. 

More specifically, when the interviewer poses as objection like this, you should…
  • Agree on the importance of this qualification.
  • Explain that your strength may be indeed be greater than your resumeindicates because…
  • When this strength is added to your other strengths, it’s really your combination of qualifications that’s most important.
Then review the areas of your greatest strengths that match up most favorably with the company’s most urgently-felt wants and needs.

This is powerful way to handle this question for two reasons.  First, you’re giving your interviewer more ammunition in the area of his concern.  But more importantly, you’re shifting his focus away from this one, isolated area and putting it on the unique combination of strengths you offer, strengths which tie in perfectly with his greatest wants.


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