Computerization of Andhra Pradesh Labour Department

The AP State govt. Initiated the project of Computerization of Labour Department based on the Detailed Project Report prepared by M/s Price Water House Coopers, Private Limited, Hyderabad.

The Detailed Project Report envisages Computerization of the following Services in the Department of Labour:-

  • Online registration, issue of Licenses under various acts; 
  • Management system for A.P. Construction workers welfare board with Establishment registration, cess Collection, workers registration as beneficiaries;
  • Benefits Management System with online receipt of application, processing and disbursement to beneficiaries.
  • Case Management Systems with entering inspection notes, receiving case applications, acting on case applications, Monitoring Issue of notices, Communication of orders, payment & distribution of awards, appeals tracking, Filing Cases, compounding of offences etc.,
  • Online Redressing of grievances.
  • Online Child labour tracking with filing of cases against employers, entering of inspection notes, issue of notices, monitoring rehabilitation, Filing of cases fixing of Joint Meetings, Communication of Settlement.
  • Online Management of A.P. Labour Welfare Board with online payment of welfare  fund, information of welfare fund processing and release of payment to beneficiaries & Monitoring periodic audits.
  • Office Management System with online File movement in the Commissionerate

The Govt., constituted the committee with the following Secretaries to Govt., to appraise all such proposals and recommend to the Govt., in the process of implementation of the project:-

1. Secretary/ Principal Secretary to Government, - Member Finance (Expr. LET & F) Department.

2. Secretary// Principal Secretary to Government, - Member IT & C Department.

3. Secretary/ Principal Secretary to Government, - Member – Convener LET & F Department.


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