Equal Work - Equal Wages Case Laws - 2011

There can’t be any prohibition on the employer to have different grade of posts in its different units. Court should avoid application of principle of Equal Pay for Equal Work.
Steel Authority of India Ltd. & Ors. vs. Dibyendue Bhattacharya. 2011 I CLR 602 (S.C.)

Merely because casually employed workmen are performing the same task as of regularly employed workmen- can't it self constitute a legal justification for equal pay for equal work.
Air India Ltd. vs. Presiding Officer, CGIT & Anr. 2011 LLR 951 (Delhi HC)

Principle of equal pay for equal work will not be applicable even when the workmen appointed on casual basis are performing the same duties.
Air India Ltd. vs. Presiding Officer, CGIT & Anr. 2011 LLR 1080 (Delhi HC)

The demand of equal pay for equal work not justified on the basis of industry cum region formula. When two units of the industry are situated in deffernt parts of the country, equal pay can’t be given to employees of both the units.

Workmen represented by Hyderabad Asbestos Cement Products Limited vs. Management of M/s Hyderabad Industries Ltd. 2011 LLR 1269 (Jharkhand HC)

Daily wager not holding any post is not entitled to invoke the doctrine of 'equal pay for equal work'.
Hindustan Salts Ltd. vs. Drang Salt Mine Labour Union and Another. 2011 LLR 402 (HP HC)

A railway porter working on a platform, required to work for railways sometime in handling parcels and luggage in the custody of railways, cannot be treated at par with the casual labourers for payment of wages.
South Eastern Railway, Adra Division, Adra vs. Regional Labour Commissioner, Central, Dhanbad-Cum-Authority Under the Minimum Wages Act and Another. 2011 (128) FLR 862 (Jharkhand HC)

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