Fixed Term Appointment Case Laws - 2011

No reinstatement with consequential benefits to a person employed for a fixed term of service.
U.P. State Textile Corpn. Ltd. vs. Suresh Kumar. 2011 LLR 637 (S.C.)

Fixed term appointment comming to an end automatically on the completion of the period, will not amount to retrenchment.
Smt. Manjeet Arora (Kataria) vs. Presiding Officer, Central Government Industrial Tribunal-Cum-Labour Court, Lucknow. 2011 LLR 509 (Uttarakhand HC)

Keeping employees on fixed term appointment for a long period by renewing their contract from time-to-time will not fall within the mischief of section 2(oo)(bb) of I.D. Act.
Keru Kisan Rokade vs. Geoffery Manners & Co. Ltd., Nasik. 2011-II LLJ 408 (Bom. HC)

Ad hock appointment of three months continued with repeated artificial breaks, thereby completing 240 days of service by employee, his termination will not attract 2(oo)(bb) of ID Act and will amount to retrenchment.
Rakesh Kumar and Ors. vs. Management of Bhagini Nivedita College. 2011 LLR 1143 (Delhi HC)

Reinstatement of a trainee initially appointed for six months, subsequently extended and relieved after completion of training will be illegal being covered under sec. 2(oo)(b) of the ID Act.
Chairman / Manager vs. Umesh Kumar Radheshyam Brahmbhatt. 2011 LLR 161 (Guj. HC)

No reinstatement for the employee engaged on contractual basis whose contract was not renewed.
Jawaharlal Nehru University vs. Sh. D.K. Pandey. 2011 LLR 10 (Cal. HC)

Termination of employee on contract will not be entitled for reinstatement.
Indravadan N. Adhvaryu vs. Laxminarayan Dev Trust (through Chief Executive Kothari). 2011 LLR 261 (Guj. HC)

Temporary driver engaged against regular post, who continued for years together, got all benefits, will not be entitled to any relief under ID Act when terminated, as such termination would fall under under 2(oo)(bb) of ID Act.
1. State of Maharashtra, through District Civil Surgeon, 2. Deputy Director of Health Services vs. Mehboobkhan S/o Rasool Khan Pathan. 2011 LLR 750 (Bom. HC)
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