• Contractor’s employees performing work of regular employees will be entitled to same rates of wages and holidays etc.
    LLR Mad. HC 399
  • Woman, sacked for stealing 11 chocolates, is to be reinstated.
    LLR Del. HC 385
  • Leave application is either to be rejected or accepted.
    LLR Del. HC 339
  • Employer must be heard by EPF Authority hence ex-parte order will be set aside.
    LLR Del. HC 337
  • Overtime payment includes basic wages and allowances.
    LLR Mad. HC 358
  • Casual workers also entitled to maternity leave.
    LLR Mad. HC 420
  • Withdrawal of resignation before communication of its acceptance is justified.
    LLR Karn. HC 370
  • Enquiry, if not held in the language known to delinquent, is to be vitiated.
    LLR Ker. HC 353
  • Absence of 20 months, without supporting proof of medical treatment, is unbelievable.
    LLR Karn. HC 368
  • EPF Appellate Tribunal has definite duty to perform.
    LLR Bom. HC 379
  • Employer cannot arbitrarily reject leave application.
    LLR Del. HC 389
  • Provident Fund Authority can’t challenge the judgment of EPF Appellate Tribunal setting aside its order.
    LLR Ker. HC 427
  • Delinquent employee is to be notified if Disciplinary Authority disagrees with Enquiry Officer. 
    LLR All. HC 343
  • Compulsory retirement instead of dismissal is appropriate keeping in view the long service. 
    LLR Karn. HC 374
  • Action on unproved documents is not legal.
    LLR Karn. HC 378
  • Provident fund contributions are to be remitted within 15 days from the close of the month.
    LLR Ker. HC 347
  • Reduction of damages for delayed deposit of EPF contributions only when delay is explained.
    LLR MP HC 357
  • Accident compensation received from ESIC can’t be claimed further under Motor Vehicle Act.
    LLR P&H HC 383
  • Compensation payable when the truck driver was found brutally murdered in the cabin of truck. 
    LLR P&H HC 381
  • Recording of evidence in a particular matter is to be decided by the Labour Court.
    LLR Del. HC 405
  • Denial about employment by an employee is untenable when his name appears in attendance register. 
    LLR Del. HC 404
  • A teacher is entitled to gratuity with retrospective effect.
    LLR Bom. HC 417
  • Benefits of full wages under section 17-B of the I.D. Act will be available if non approval of dismissal is challenged by employer.
    LLR Guj. HC 433
  • Death of security guard by shifting motor cycle from school ground will justify accident compensation.
    LLR P&H HC 412
  • Transfer once accepted can’t be challenged later. 
    LLR Bom. HC 341
  • Acquittal is not a bar for holding enquiry. 
    LLR Cal. HC 362
  • Review of provident fund order need not be in formal application. 
    LLR Del. HC 337
  • Compensation is not proper when cleaner died in cross fire clash between nexalites and police.
    LLR Karn. HC 384
  • Reinstatement of workman guilty of sexual harassment is to be set aside. 
    LLR Mad. HC 422
  • Casual or temporary labour, if not connected with the normal work will not be counted for coverage of establishment under Provident Fund Act. 
    LLR Raj. HC 416
  • Disciplinary Authority is to give reason on disagreement with Enquiry Officer.
    LLR All. HC 343
  • Courts not to interfere with transfer.
    LLR Bom. HC 341
  • Domestic Enquiry differs with criminal trial.
    LLR Cal. HC 362
  • Dismissal for jeopardizing functioning of Public Transport is not to be interfered.
    LLR Karn. HC 368
  • Compensation as awarded by Commissioner can’t be stalled on the ground that the deceased was not working as conductor.
    LLR All. HC 345
  • Employees’ Insurance Court is not empowered for deciding exemption of establishment.
    LLR Ker. HC 351
  • An order, not passed by the Appropriate Authority, is unsustainable. 
    LLR Bom. HC 392
  • Rejection of leave application is required to be informed to the workman.
    LLR Del. HC 389
  • EPF Act is not applicable to establishment under Cooperative Societies Act employing less than fifty persons.
    LLR Ker. HC 394
  • Regional Provident Commissioner not empowered to exclude any establishment from the benefit of the Scheme under the Act. 
    LLR Ker. HC 394
  • Ex-parte Award passed by the Labour Court to be set aside when appointing authority of the employee is not impleaded. 
    LLR MP HC 397
  • Similarities in nature of work are to be determined by Government. 
    LLR Mad. HC 399
  • On missing of link between the employment and accidental death, claim for compensation is not tenable.
    LLR Raj. HC 415
  • Para 26B of the EPF Scheme is applicable only when the dispute is between the employer and employee.
    LLR Del. HC 404
  • Admissions during the proceedings before the court stand on a higher footing. 
    LLR Ker. HC 353
  • Abandonment cannot be presumed if an employee tenders resignation by giving 30 days’ notice.
    LLR Karn. HC 370
  • Entitlement of leave is a valuable right of the employees.
    LLR Del. HC 389
  • Non submission of leave records would go against the Management.
    LLR Del. HC 389
  • Power to exclude any establishment from coverage under the Provident Fund Scheme is available to the Central Government only. 
    LLR Ker. HC 394
  • Reinstatement is proper when charge of theft not proved.
    LLR Del. HC 385
  • Disciplinary Authority must notify the delinquent its disagreement with Enquiry Officer. 
    LLR All. HC 343
  • On rejection of approval of application, the dismissed workman would stand reinstated.
    LLR Guj. HC 433
  • Approval for dismissal under section 33(2)(b) of I D Act amounts to determination of industrial dispute.
    LLR Guj. HC 433
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