• No demonstration by union/workers within 100 metres of the establishment.
    LLR Del. HC 673
  • A casual employee will also be a ‘workman’.
    LLR Del. HC 675
  • Reinstatement is to be set aside when employer was ready to take the absentee on production of medical certificate.
    LLR Ker. HC 692
  • No bias can be inferred if an Advocate, as an Enquiry Officer, was paid by the Company.
    LLR Bom. HC 732
  • Mere coverage under Provident Fund & Bonus Acts, of trainees, will not make them regular employees.
    LLR Guj. HC 690
  • Trainee is not “employee” under Provident Fund Act.
    LLR All. HC 742
  • Leave is to be earned by an employee while working.
    LLR P&H HC 733
  • Enquiry will be vitiated when adjournment sought with wife’s medical certificate and not granted.
    LLR Del. HC 681
  • No accident compensation in the absence of ‘employer-employee’ relationship.
    LLR Mad. HC 696
  • For levying damages under section 14-B of the EPF&MP Act, there must be a mens rea.
    LLR Mad. HC 704
  • Validity of enquiry must be decided as preliminary issue. 
    LLR All. HC 709
  • No mechanical reinstatement even when termination is illegal.
    LLR Del. HC 718
  • When petitioner took over Management after commission of offence, prosecution under Factories Act to be quashed.
    LLR Jhar. HC 754
  • Younger brother of deceased cannot claim compensation under the Act. 
    LLR MP HC 755
  • Findings of the Insurance Court are not to be interfered with.
    LLR Mad. HC 763
  • Striking of names of the absentees sans enquiry is not legal.
    LLR Del. HC 738
  • Proceedings under S.7-A of the Act are of quasi judicial nature.
    LLR Pat. HC 779
  • Exempted establishments are not liable to pay EPF contributions for contractors having code numbers.
    LLR Mad. HC 702
  • Removal of a workman, without ‘approval’, is not valid.
    LLR Raj. HC 690
  • Prosecution justified when the factory, employing 170 females, has no crèche.
    LLR Jhar. HC 751
  • Disciplinary proceedings would be vitiated due to absence of complainant, the vital witness.
    LLR Cal. HC 743
  • No EPF contribution of such employees payable when enquiry report does not mention their names.
    LLR Pat. HC 779
  • No forfeiture of gratuity on pendency of criminal trial.
    LLR All. HC 782
  • Controlling Authority under Gratuity Act can’t enforce settlement between employer and employee.
    LLR Mad. HC 699
  • Controlling Authority can decide only claims specified under the Gratuity Act.
    LLR Mad. HC 699
  • Unreasonable delay has no rational in referring a dispute. 
    LLR Del. HC 683
  • Termination, in violation of section 25-F of I.D. Act, is illegal.
    LLR Del. HC 686
  • Unexplained delay of six years, in raising a dispute, would disentitle any relief.
    LLR Del. HC 713
  • A stale dispute should not be referred unless supported with reason for condonation.
    LLR All. HC 773
  • “Permanent total disablement” entitles pension to the member under Employees’ Pension Scheme.
    LLR Ori. HC 757
  • Insurer can’t escape liability from compensation when accident resulted into death of an employee on thresher attached to the tractor.
    LLR Raj. HC 771
  • Reinstatement can’t be stalled on the pretext that the reference of dispute was belated.
    LLR HP HC 770
  • Compensation deposit certificate is must for filing appeal in High Court.
    LLR Ker. HC 774
  • Last drawn wages under S.17-B of I.D. Act are not returnable even if employer succeeds.
    LLR Del. HC 736
  • Exemption of establishment from provident fund will not exclude workers of contractors.
    LLR Pat. HC 777
  • Workers can’t shout abusive slogans. 
    LLR Del. HC 673
  • Compensation, instead of reinstatement, would subserve the ends of justice.
    LLR Del. HC 686/ LLR Del. HC 718
  • Writ of Certiorari to be issued for correcting errors of jurisdiction. 
    LLR Del. HC 713
  • Acquittal from criminal case will limit the scope and findings of enquiry.
    LLR Bom. HC 732
  • Occupier and manager of factory shall be liable for violation of Factories Act.
    LLR Jhar. HC 751
  • Disciplinary Authority has to deal with the objections as raised.
    LLR Cal. HC 743
  • Compliance of S.25F of I.D. Act is mandatory on termination of workman having worked for 240 days.
    LLR Guj. HC 759
  • Punishment to driver for unproved charges is not legal.
    LLR Guj. HC 768
  • Admission in cross-examination can certainly be used against the Management.
    LLR Del. HC 738
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