• Termination of habitual absentee is not to be interfered. 
    LLR Mad. HC 584
  • Dismissal is justified when job is obtained by concealing facts.
    LLR Raj. HC 598
  • Civil Court can’t set aside termination of private sector employees.
    LLR Del. HC 608
  • Termination of a probationer for misconduct is not simplicitor.
    LLR Mad. HC 633
  • Teacher would get gratuity w.e.f. 3.4.1997.
    LLR Bom. HC 618
  • Imposing ten times penalty for unpaid wages without supporting reasons is to be set aside.
    LLR Mad. HC 630
  • Rupees one lakh in lieu of back-wages is appropriate.
    LLR Supreme Court 561
  • Enquiry would be set aside if Presenting Officer is not appointed. 
    LLR Del. HC 645
  • Workman not debarred from receiving last drawn wages merely on moving application belatedly.
    LLR Del. HC 562
  • Reinstatement is appropriate when no enquiry is held. 
    LLR P&H HC 592
  • Employer-employee relation ceases on receipt of VRS payment. 
    LLR Jhar. HC 596
  • Retirement age rightly approved from 58 to 60 by Certifying Officer. 
    LLR Karn. HC 600
  • Compensation is appropriate when service is rendered for short period.
    LLR Del. HC 588
  • Ex-parte proceedings not proper in the absence of report about refusal of summons. 
    LLR Del. HC 590
  • Removal is not termination of employer and employee relations till its approval is granted.
    LLR Bom. HC 615
  • Only Central Government is empowered under Employees’ Provident Fund Act, to exclude a class of establishments. 
    LLR Ker. HC 625
  • Last drawn wages during pendency of the proceedings not to be denied to a workman when he is helping his family by small business. 
    LLR Del. HC 614
  • Industrial Tribunal is empowered to appoint assessor for calculation of bonus.
    LLR Mad. HC 627
  • No compensation in absence of casual link between employment and accident.
    LLR Raj. HC 639
  • High Court will not interfere in an Award in the absence of question of law.
    LLR Del. HC 642
  • Writ is untenable against order of cooperative society but not against the order of Asstt. Registrar.
    LLR HP HC 653
  • An employee, who is not covered by the ID Act, cannot have parity of government employee. 
    LLR Del. HC 608
  • Back-wages have to be given from date of dismissal.
    LLR Ker. HC 572
  • Claim of bonus and gratuity is not maintainable under section 33-C (2) of the ID Act.
    LLR Del. HC 575
  • A claim for gratuity by an employee lies at a place wherefrom he has retired.
    LLR Guj. HC 578
  • Forfeiture of gratuity, without notice to employee and passing specific order, is not sustainable.
    LLR Ker. HC 565/ LLR Bom. HC 648
  • Maternity benefit will be available even when the Service Rules don’t provide.
    LLR Karn. HC 602
  • Last drawn wages, during pendency of the proceedings in higher Court, will not attract provident fund contributions.
    LLR Ori. HC 649
  • Reinstatement of a bank employee, guilty of financial embezzlement, will be set aside.
    LLR All. HC 651
  • Prosecution of employer is proper when he closed the factory without permission.
    LLR Jhar. HC 641
  • Aggrieved employer can appeal not file writ against the provident fund order.
    LLR Mad. HC 658
  • Forfeiture of gratuity only to the extent of damage caused. 
    LLR Ker. HC 565
  • Generosity is impermissible when dismissal is for loss of confidence. 
    LLR Raj. HC 598
  • If approval for dismissal is not accorded, the workman will be treated in employment.
    LLR Bom. HC 615
  • No relief except notice pay to be allowed when an employee challenges his termination in Civil Court. 
    LLR Del. HC 608
  • Interest will be payable after one month of accident.
    LLR Del. HC 564
  • Limitation for filing appeal in EPF Tribunal starts on receipt of the order.
    LLR MP HC 574
  • Termination, without initiating disciplinary action, is illegal. 
    LLR P&H HC 592
  • Revised VRS benefits will not be available to those who have already received.
    LLR Jhar. HC 596
  • On enhancement of retirement, the retired employees during interregnum will get monetary benefit. 
    LLR Karn. HC 600
  • Cooperative Banks are not excluded from coverage under Provident Fund Act. 
    LLR Ker. HC 594
  • Insurer would pay compensation for driver, who died while driving a goods vehicle, when he had licence for passenger vehicle. 
    LLR Ker. HC 623
  • Law laid down in judgment as it is, the question of retrospective or prospective does not arise.
    LLR Bom. HC 621
  • When the Industrial Tribunal is unfamiliar with calculation of bonus, it requires fresh disposal.
    LLR Mad. HC 627
  • Application for setting aside the ex-parte Award is not justified when not filed by the authorised representative.
    LLR Del. HC 612
  • 50% instead of 10% back wages will be appropriate.
    LLR P&H HC 656
  • Employer to provide light nature of work to a person not physically fit. 
    LLR Mad. HC 584
  • Stating that an employee is not a ‘workman’, has to be supported by proof. 
    LLR Ker. HC 572
  • An employee cannot be imposed punishment second time for the same misconduct. 
    LLR Ker. HC 572
  • Compensation in lieu of reinstatement will be appropriate when the workman worked for short period.
    LLR Raj. HC 582
  • Claim for unpaid wages can be decided by the Labour Court under section 33-C (2) of the Industrial Dispute
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