HR Abbreviations

Abbreviations are considered as the luxury of the lazy. Yet, life in the profession could be quite un-exciting without them. How many times have you noticed the Boss marking you the papers in the office by writing, "FNA". And then you carry out the task & send him the note "FKAP". Similarly, "FKPP", "KA", "ASAP","KRA", "MBO", etc. etc. have all been be widely used, understood or abused in the "CJ" of "MNC"&"LJ". For the under-exposed or less-initiated professional corporate mortals (like most of us) needing "HS" breeding, these alphabets packaged in inverted commas mean, "For necessary action", "For Kind Approval Please", "For Kind Perusal Please", "Kindly Advise", "As Soon As Possible", "Key Results Area", "Management By Objectives", "Corporate Jungle", "Multi-National Corporation", and "Lala Ji" respectively . Don't forget the "HS" promoted by the Latka-Jhatka TV anchor person in UN-CENSORED. You still have not got the meaning of "HS"! How "LS"? ("High Society", "Low Society"). When I used to handle placements, I was very fond of using "BOD" and "LBW". Please don't give a blank expression, like most give when they don't know what is there in the abbreviation. Yeah! That's better. The blank expressions are usually there for split seconds only; afterwards everyone is talented enough to hide the bliss of ignorance. Let me tell you a secret - I do the same…Pshsh… "BOD" is meant for giving "Benefit of Doubt" to the candidates. I never reject anyone. I only declare them "LBW"- "Let The Bugger (or Babe) Wait". I love Abbreviations. I don't mind when some people call it a habit of lazy people. Ask them to speak, at least ten times, the full form of "SPICMACAY" (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth) or the now redundant "COFEPOSA" (Conservation Of Foreign Exchange and Prevention Of Smuggling Activities Act). One of our renowned leader has kept "MISA" as the name of his daughter. I wonder whether he would like to call her every time as "Maintenance of Internal Securities Act". Coming back to the world of Management Abbreviations, I've compiled a reasonably decent list for your everyday benefit. This list is for professional enrichment and amusement without any copyright attachment.

AAMOF   As A Matter Of Fact
AAR   After Action Review
AFAIK   As Far As I Know
AL   Accelerated Learning
ALARA   As Low As Reasonably Achievable
ASAP   As Soon As Possible
ATS   Advanced Training System
A/V   Audio Visual
B&P   Bid and Proposal
BEER   Behavior, Effect, Expectation, Results (for feedback for improvement)
BET  Behavior, Effect, Thanks (for positive feedback)
BPR   Business Process Reengineering
BST   Basic Skills Trainer
BTW   By The Way
CAI   Computer Aided Instruction 
CAX   Computer Assisted Exercises
CBI   Computer Based Instruction
CBT   Computer Based Training or Competency Based Training
CETA   Cost Effective Training Analysis
CMI   Computer Managed Instruction
CP   Change Proposal
CPI   Continuous Process Improvement
DMP   Data Management Plan
DR   Design Review
DSM   Don't Shoot Me
DTP  Detailed Test Plan
ECR   Electronic Classroom
ENDEX   End of EXercise
ERP   Enterprise Resource Planning
EOD   End Of Discussion
EPSS   Electronic Performance Support System
ERIC   Educational Resources Information Center
ET   Embedded Training; Evaluation Tool
ETC   Estimate To Complete
EQ   Emotional Quotient
FOJT   Formal On the Job Training
FTX   Field Training Exercise
FWIW   For What It's Worth
FYCP   Future Years Corporate Plan
FYI   For Your Information
GIGO   Garbage In, Garbage Out
GOK   God Only Knows
GTA   Graphical Training Aid
HPT   Human Performance Technology
HR   Human Resources
HRD   Human Resource Development
HRM   Human Resource Management
HUMINT   Human Intelligence
I&D   Integration and Development
I&KP   Instructor and Key Personnel
IAW   In Accordance With
ICW   Interactive Courseware
IIRC   If I Recall Correctly
IKPT   Instructor and Key Personnel Training
IMI   Interactive Multimedia Instruction
IMHO   In My Humble Opinion
INPO   In No Particular Order
I/O   Input/Output
IOW   In Other Words
IPT   Integrated Product Team
IQ   Intelligence Quotient
ISD   Instructional System Development
ISD/SAT   Instructional Systems Development/Systems Approach to Training
IT  Instructional Technology
ITP   Individual Training Plan
ITS   Integrated Training System or Individual Training Standard
JA   Job Aid
JITT   Just In Time Training
KA   Knowledge Acquisition
KAS (KSA)   Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills
KISS   Keep It Simple Stupid
KITA   Kick In The Ass (a motivational method)
LG   Lecture Guide
LO   Learning Objective
LRC   Learning Resource Center
MINIEX   Mini Exercise
MOP   Measure Of Performance
MPA   Motivation Problem analysis
MS   Milestone
NA   Needs Assessment
NDI   Non Developmental Item
NIS   Not In Specification
NLP   Neuro Linguistic Programming
OJT   On the Job Training
OOBE   Out Of Box Experience
OTM   One Time Measure
OTOH   On The Other Hand
P3I   Pre Planned Product Improvement
PA   Performance Assessment
PE   Practical Exercise
PEBCAK  Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PFA   Pulled from the Air
PITA   Pain In The Ass
PMFJI   Pardon Me For Jumping In
PPM   Policy and Procedures Manual
PPP   Personnel Performance Profile
PR   Program Review
PTR   Problem Trouble Report
QA   Quality Assurance
QAR   Quality Assurance Evaluator
QC   Quality Control
QI   Quality Improvement
QM   Quality Management
QVT   Quality Verification Test
RAD   Rapid Application Development
RBM   Rational Behavioral Model
RESA   Research, Evaluation, and Systems Analysis
RFI   Request For Information
RFP   Request For Proposal
RFT   Ready For Training
SAT   Systems Approach to Training
SGI   Small Group Instruction
SGL   Small Group Leader
SIM   Simulator 
SIMTECH  Simulation Technology
SITD   Still In The Dark
SKA   Skills, Knowledge, Attitude
SMART   Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time based (objective and goal setting)
SME   Subject Matter Expert
SOO   Statement Of Objectives
SOW   Statement Of Work
SPEC   Specification
SQ3R   Survey the material to be learned, develop Questions about the material, Read the material, Recall the key ideas, Review the material (learning strategy)
SQT   Skills Qualification Test
STRAP   System Training Plan
STX   Situational Training Exercise
T&D   Training and Development
T&E   Training And Evaluation
TA   Transactional Analysis
TADS   Training Analysis Data Sheet
TADSS   Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, and Simulations
TBA   To Be Announced
TBD   To Be Determined
TDNS   Training Development Needs Statement
TDS   Training Development Study
TE   Training Emphasis
TEA   Training Effectiveness Advocate or Training Effectiveness Analysis
TEE   Training Effectiveness Evaluation
TEEP   Training Effectiveness Evaluation Plan
TEMP   Test and Evaluation Master Plan
TFT   Technical Feasibility Test
TINSTAAFL   There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TKT   Threshold Knowledge Test
TLA   Training Level Assignment
TLO   Terminal Learning Objective
TM   Technical Manual
TMO   Training Material Outline
TMP   Training Management Plan
TO  Task Order 
TOIS   Task Oriented Instructional System
TOS   Training Objective Statement
TPR   Trained Personnel Requirement
TPTB   The Powers That Be
TQM   Total Quality Management
TQR   Training Quality Report
TR   Training Requirement
TRADE   Training Devices
TSA   Training Situation Analysis
TSFC   Training System Functional Characteristics
TSP   Training Support Package
TT   Technical Test
TTHSS   Touch, Taste, Hear, Sight, Smell (5 Senses)
TWI   Training Within Industry
VAK   Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic
VI   Visual Information
VV&A   Verification, Validation, and Accreditation
VV&C   Verification, Validation and Certification
WAG   Wild Assed Guess
WBI   Web Based Instruction
WBPSS   Web Based Performance Support System
WBS   Work Breakdown Structure
WIIFM   What's In It For Me
WYSBYGI   What You See Before You Get It
WYSIWYG   What You See Is What You Get
YAFA   Yet Another Fine Acronym
YMMV   Your Mileage May Vary
YOYO   You're On Your Own
YTD   Year To Date
ZD   Zero Defects

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