Registers and Records and display of notices under A.P Shops & Establishment Act,1988

Form  No's

Form using for

Rule No



Form 1
Statement 3
Form 2 Certificate Of Registration 3(3) Registering officer By Employer
Form 3 Application For Renewal 3(4) By Employer Registering officer
Form 4 Renewal Of Certificate Of Registration 3(6) Registering officer By Employer
Form 5 Register of Establishments 3(2)
Form 6 Notice of loss of Registration Certificate and Application for Issue Of Duplicate Certificate 5 By Employer Registering officer
Form 7 Notice of Change 6 By Employer To Inspector
Form 8 Register Of Appeals 8(5)
Form 9 Certificate Of Age 9
Form 10 Register Of Fines 17(3)(a) Maintained by Employer
Form 11 Register of Deductions for Damage or Loss Caused to the Employer by the Neglect or Default of Employees  17(4) Maintained by Employer
Form 12 Register of advances of wages 18(4) Maintained by Employer
Form 13 Register of Appeals 21(2)
Form 14 Letter Of Authorisation 22
Form 15 Register Of Second Appeals 21(3)
Form 16 Application For Payment of Wages Etc. 23
Form 17 From of application by Inspector or person permitted by the Authority or Authorised to Act. 23
Form 18 Letter Of Authorisation 24
Form 19 Notice for the Disposal of Application Rule 25 (3)
Form 20 Register of Application under Section 51 25(6)
Form 21 Register of appeals under Section 53 25(7)
Form 22 Register of Employment 29(1) Maintained by Employer
Form 23 Register of wages 29(2) Maintained by Employer
Form 24 Notice of Weekly Holidays 29(3) Notice shall be exhibited
Form 25 Register of Leave 29(6) Maintained by Employer
Form 26 Letter of Appointment 30 by Employer  Employee
Form 27 Return For month of March/June/September/December 33 By Employer Registering officer

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