Career Benefits of Having A Strong Professional Network

Networking is vital to your career according to those in the know. Experts have long stressed the importance of maintaining a strong career network. Through networking we can learn about job opportunities particularly those we wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. Developing and maintaining strong connections with professional people will provide us with a powerful career resource in which to tap into. But many people make the mistake of only growing and nurturing their network when they are in the process of a job search. You can make it your one fail-proof plan to impact your career for the long term by developing and maintaining a vast network of contacts.

The benefits to establishing a strong network for your career are seemingly endless. Here are just a few to consider if you’re looking to boost your career with the foundation of networking:

1. Job Opportunities

Although you may not always be looking to change jobs, if you have an extensive pool of associations; you will likely be provided with regular insights of career opportunities. Candidates, who are referred for a position through a close contact, are 50% more likely to be hired over an applicant who applies through conventional means.

2. Guidance

Building and maintaining a network of industry contacts is one simple way to ensure a continued level of guidance throughout your career. It’s up to you to decide how to use your network to gain insight.

3. Advice & Support

A strong support system will help you manage challenges and celebrations more effectively. Calling on your professional contacts in times of needs might take some getting used to, but always remember it’s a two-way street. Open chains of communication with your network will allow you to provide a mutually beneficial setting for the daily encounters of a successful career.

4. Discovery

Your network is likely to provide you with an outlet for discovery which you might not otherwise have had access to. This means gaining keen business insight through forum conversations on social platforms, while others may learn innovative tips from a chance meeting with an industry contact at a seminar.

5. Growth

Personal and professional growth is crucial to a successful career. Similar to the guidance and support provided by a portion of your network, some of your contacts might also be beneficial in helping your reach new heights within your career.

6. Status

When it comes to your career, sometimes an aspect of power lies within people who know you. While simply having the business cards of a thousand individuals within your industry won’t give you the status, maintaining strong professional relationships with a handful of them will.

7. Knowledge

Each member of your network will possess their own unique set of life experiences, some of it will be useful to you, and some of it will not be. However, when you combine all of the invaluable information that’s relevant to your situation, you potentially have a vast knowledge base of career advice.
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