Dear All, I am planning to update the latest contact details of Labour department Officials/Staff.

The below data is very old data, (before bifurcation of AP) and the The officers /staff may not be relevant  in present date, but the contact numbers of the officers are permanent in nature, as the numbers/sims are handed over when they transfer/ retire.

Sl. No
Designation of the officer with Headquarters
Mail ID
Office Contact No
1 B.YOGYASHEELA Jt.Commissioner of Labour, Warangal i/c. Jcl.warangal@gmail.com 0870 - 2577065 (O)
0870 - 2577065 (Fax)
2 G.SUNEETHA Dy.Commissioner of Labour, Warangal dcl.warangal@gmail.com, dcl.warangal@yahoo.com 0870 - 2540574, 9492555270
3 G.SUNEETHA Asst.Commissioner of Labour, Warangal Acl.warangal@gmail.com 0870 - 2540574, 9492555271
4 L.CHETHURVEDI Asst.Commissioner of Labour, Mahabubabad I/C Acl.mahabubabad@gmail.com 9492555272
5 M.A.SALAM MAHMOOD Asst. Labour Officer, Warangal3 Alo.warangal3@gmail.com 9492555275
6 B.JASSON Asst. Labour Officer, Warangal2 Alo.warangal2@gmail.com 9492555274
7 SHYAMSUNDER JAJU Asst. Labour Officer, Warangal1 Alo.warangabl1@gmailcom 9492555273
8 S.MOGALAIAH Asst. Labour Officer, Thorrur Alo.thorrur@gmail.com 9492555282
9 M.MURTHY Asst. Labour Officer, Parkal Alo.parkal@gmail.com 9492555279
10 J.RAMANUJA SWAMY Asst. Labour Officer, Narsampet Alo.narsampet@gmailcom 9492555281
11 B.L.RAJU Asst. Labour Officer, Mahabubabad Alo.mahabubabad@gmail.com 9492555283
12 S.RAMESH BABU Asst. Labour Officer, Kazipet Alo.kazipet@gmail.com 9492555277
13 J.RAMANUJA SWAMY Asst. Labour Officer, Janagaon Alo.jangaon@gmail.com 9492555278
14 T.SESHAMRAJU Asst. Labour Officer, Hanumakonda Alo.hanmakonda@gmail.com 9492555276


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