EPFO Launched Online Claim Submission And One IP Two Dispensaries Facility on the occasion of International Labour Day 1st May 2017


Occasion : International Labour Day celebrations on 1st May 2017 

Launch : Online Claim Submission by Member using UAN Interface 

As part of Government’s e-gov initiatives, all EPF Member’s who have activated their UAN and seeded their KYC (Aadhaar) with EPFO will be able to apply for PF Final Settlement (Form19), Pension Withdrawal Benefit (Form10-C) and PF Part Withdrawal (Form31) from the their UAN Interface directly. The three forms collectively form more than 80% of EPFO’s claim workload. 

Member can complete the whole process online and member neither needs to interact with the employer and nor with EPFO field office to submit the online claim. The claim submitted by the member would flow in soft form to EPFO database where it will be processed and the member’s bank account credited.

Member is not required to give any supporting document while preferring online PF Part Withdrawal case. Member’s applying online will be taken as his self-declaration for preferring the advance claim. 

Member’s applying online are required to authenticate their claim submission using OTP sent to their UIDAI registered Mobile number giving consent to UIDAI to share their e-KYC (Aadhaar) credentials to EPFO. 

Steps in brief to be followed by member for submitting online claims is as follows: 

 Login to the member interface using UAN credentials. 
 Check that KYC and service shown against his UAN are correct. 
 Select the relevant claim.  Authenticate using Aadhaar credentials.

For availing this facility, member should have activated his/her Universal Account Number and the mobile number used for activating UAN should be in working condition. Member’s Aadhar details should be seeded in EPFO database and he/she should avail TOP based facility for verifying eKYC from UIDAI while submitting the claim. Member’s bank account alongwith IFSC code should be seeded in EPFO database. Permanent Account Number (PAN) should also be seeded in EPFO database for PF Final settlement claims in case his/her service is less than 5 years. 

For online claim submission, the member has to login to the member interface using UAN credentials. The KYC and service eligibility condition mentioned against UAN should be correct and complete. The relevant claim can be selected and authenticated using OTP received against the mobile registered with UIDAI to complete the online claim submission. 

The facility is expected to ease the claim submission process for EPF members and reduce the turnaround time. 



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