Andhra Pradesh Labour Laws Compliance Checklist

NAME OF THE ACT Type SEC/RULE FORM No Name of the form 
Employees' Compensation Act, 1923 RETURNS Rule 6(1) r.w.s. 8(1) A, AA and C a workman whose injury has resulted in death shall furnish therewith a
statement in Form A,  (dependent of a deceased workman in form C)
FORMS Rule 9 Form E receipt
Rule 59 Form U
THE PAYMENT OF WAGES ACT, 1936 RETURNS Sec 26(3)(a) rule 18 (Factory / industry /Establishment) AR Annual Return
Rule 16 Form VIII
REGISTERS Rule 5 No form Wage register
THE INDUSTRIAL EMPLOYMENT (STANDING ORDERS) ACT, 1946 FORMS Rule 4 Form - A Draft Standing orders (5 copies)
Rule 5 Form - B Particular of workmen
REGISTERS Rule 10 Form - E Register of standing orders
THE INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES ACT, 1947 FORMS Rule 73(1) Form - L Notice of strike by workmen
Rule 74 Form - M Notice of lock-out
Rule 75 Form - N Intimation Report of lock-out or strike
Rule 77 Form - O Register of Settlements
Rule 78 Form - P Notice of-lay-off
Rule 78 Form - Q Notice of Retrenchment
The Minimum Wages Act, 1948 RETURNS Rule 22(4)(III) Form III Annual Return for the year ending 31 st Dec….
REGISTERS Rule 30(1) Form X Register wages
Rule 30(2) Form XI Wage Slip
Rule 30(5) Form V Muster Roll
Rule 22(4)(III) Form I Register Fines
Rule 22(4)(III) Form II Register deductions and damages
Rule 29(2) Form IV Overtime Register
The Motor Transport Workers Act 1961 RETURNS Rule 39 Form XIII
Rule 28 Form V
Rule 30 Form VI
Rule 34 Form V I I
Rule 35 Form V I I I
Rule 35 A Form XII
Rule 36 Form XIV
Rule 37
Rule 18
The Maternity Benefits Act, 1961
The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 RETURNS Rule 5 Form Q
Form D for central Annual Return-Bonus paid to employees for the accounting year ending on the…
REGISTERS Rule 4A Form A Set-on and set-off allocable surplus under Sec. 2(4)
Rule 4C Form C Bonus paid to employees for the accounting year ending on the ……
The Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970 RETURNS Rule 82(1) Form XIV Return to be sent by the Contractor to the Licensing Officer(Half year ending.)
Rule 82(2) Form XXV Annual returns of principal employer (Year ending 31st December)
REGISTERS Rule 74 Form XII Register of Contractors
Rule 75 Form XIII Register of Workmen Employed by Contractor
Rule 76 Form XIV Employment Card
Rule 77 Form XV Service Certificate
Rule 78(1)(a)(i) Form XVI Muster Roll
Rule 78(1)(a)(i) Form XXVII Register of wages
Rule 78(1)(a)(i) Form XXVIII Form of Register of Wages-cum-Muster roll
Rule 78(1)(b) Form XIX Wage Slip
Rule 78(1)(a)(ii) Form XX Register of deductions for Damage or Loss
Rule 78(1)(a)(ii) Form XXI Register of fines
Rule 78(1)(a)(ii) Form XXII Register of Advances
Rule 78(1)(a)(iii) Form XXIII Register of Overtime
FORMS Rule 17(1) Form I Application for Registration of Establishments employing Contract Labour
Rule 21(1) Form IV & V Application for Licence
Rule 21(2) Form V Form of Certificate by Principal Employer
Rule 24(1-A) Form V-A Application for adjustment of Security Deposit
Rule 25(2) (VIII) Form VI-A Notice of Commencement/Completion of contract work
Rule 81(3) Form VI-B Notice of commencement/completion of contract work
Rule 29(2) Form VII Application for Renewal of Licences
Rule 76 Form XIV Employment Card
The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 FORMS Rule 3(3) Form "C" Notice of closure
Rule 6(1) Form "F" Nomination
Rule 6(3) Form "G" Fresh Nomination
The Equal Remuneration Act, 1976 REGISTERS Rule 6 Form D Register to maintained by the employer 
The Inter-State Migrant Workers (Regulations of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1979 RETURNS Rule 23 r/w sec 12(2) Form XII
Rule 48(1) Form XXVII
Rule 48(2) Form XXVIII
Rue 4 Form XV
Rule 43(1) Form XVIII
Rule 44 (2)(a) Form XIX
Rule 44(2)(a) Form XX
Rule 44(2)© Form XXIV
Rule 44(2)© Form XXII
Rule 44(2)© Form XXIII
Rule 44(2)(d) Form XXV
FORMS Rule 3(1) Form-I
Rule 2 Form XVI
Rule 43(1) Form XVII
THE CHILD LABOUR (Prohibition and Regulation) ACT, 1986 REGISTERS Rule 16 Form A Certificate of Age
The Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare Fund Act 1987 REGISTERS Rule 4(1) Form D Register of wages
Rule 4(2) Form E Register of fines and unpaid accumulations for the year …
FORMS Rule 3(1)  Form - A Notice of opening
Rule 3(2) Form - B Notice of Change
Rule 3(2) Form - C Notice of closure
Rule 6 Form - F Statement Regarding Contribution
AP SHOPS AND ESTABLISHMENTS ACT, 1988 RETURNS Sec 33 Form XXVII Return for the month of March/June/September/December
GO 28 dt.21.4.01 Annexure I to VII
REGISTERS Rule 17(3)(a) Form X Register of Fines
Rule 17*4) Form XI Register of deductions for the Damage or Loss
Rule 18(4) Form XII Register of advances of wage
Rule 29(1) Form XXII Register of Employment
Rule 29(2) Form XXIII Register of wages
Rule 29(6) Form XXV Register of Leave
Rule 30 Form XXVI Letter of Appointment
FORMS Rule 3 Form I Statement
Rule 3(4) Form III Application for Renewal
Rule 5 Form VI Application for Issue of Duplicate Certificate
Rule 6 Form VII Notice of Change
Rule 9 Form IX Certificate of Age
Rule 22 Form XIV Letter of Authorisation


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