Refund of Double Payment or wrong payment made through ECR

By a circular dated 5th October 2018, EPFO has directed its zonal offices and in charge offices that the complaints from the employer regarding non-refund of double/wrong/excess contribution towards PF Scheme made through Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) should be responded within 15 days.

Previously, by a circular dated 11th July 2017, the EPFO has provided guidelines to deal with the request from an employer for a refund or modify ECR.  As per that circular, employers are facing certain problems in submitting ECRs (UAN based) in unified Portal; such as:

Incorrect Month/ Year was mentioned in ECR: In the EPFO application, the provision for ECR Revision (Month/Year) has been provided to revise ECRs where month and year needs to be changed, provided no settlement is made and no PMRPY beneficiary exists.

Incorrect UAN mentioned in ECR/Double TRRN for the same month: the EPFO has provided Application Version 5.36 for the field offices to reject ECRs or adjust the amount or refund the amount to the employer.

Double Payment paid by an employer against the same TRRN and wants to get a refund: the EPFO has stated that the Unified portal has already taken steps to refund the amount to the employer directly to their bank account.

To refund the amount against amount paid in miscellaneous option: the EPFO has stated that currently miscellaneous payments and receipts are being managed by field office manually. Hence field offices may refund the amount to the employer after verifying the details by preparing a cheque manually. Against this cheque, miscellaneous payment entry in the application software may be made. In the future, Field office may also opt to adjust the amount against the future TRRN using Establishment VDR.

ECR is a process where No paper return to be submitted to EPFO and no need to submit other returns viz Form 5/10/12A,3A and 6A. Although EPFO had made the above-mentioned guidelines for a refund of double/ wrong/ excess contribution through ECR, a number of non-refund complaints have been received. So, to help the employer, EPFO has bound the timeline to 15 days the resolve complaints about a refund of double/wrong/excess payment made by ECR.


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