ESI Income limit of dependent parents for eligibility to medical benefit is increased to Rs. 9000 per month

The Ministry of Labour and Employment in its official gazette dated 26th August 2019 has published the Employees’ State Insurance (Central) Amendment Rules, 2019 which amends rule 61-A of Employees’ State Insurance (Central) Rules, 1950. This Amendment enhances the wage ceiling for dependent parents to Rs.9,000 per month to become eligible for coverage Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) medical benefit scheme. Before amendment, the prescribed income limit was Rs. 5,000 per month. This amendment is made with the intention to widening the coverage of medical benefits to a larger population. As the wage limit is increased, the ESIC medical benefit will be applicable to a larger number of beneficiaries who were previously excluded due to wage limit.

Thus, as per the Notification, dependent parents of an insured person covered under ESI Scheme are eligible to get medical benefit if the monthly income of the dependant parents is Rs.9000 or less. And this provision of new wage limit is effective from 26th August 2019.


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