EPFO e-Nomination facility for the EPF Members – Circular - Process Flow

The EPFO vide a circular dated 6th June 2019 has modified the facility for filing of e-nomination at Member Interface of Unified Portal www.unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in. As per Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme, each and every employee has to submit a declaration and nomination online through the EPF portal Form 2 so that the nominated person gets the fund accumulated on account of unfortunate death of the employee. That means in the event of a subscriber’s sudden demise, the nominated members can withdraw the EPF savings by claiming in Form 20 and Form 51F. Member can also nominate more than one nominee and fix the percentage of sharing among all such nominees. So, to make online nomination functionality compatible with online pension claim by member and claims by nominee in case of death of the member, the following modifications has been introduced to the e-nomination functionality-

  • UAN should be activated
  • AADHAAR should be linked with UAN
  • Mobile number of the member should be linked with Aadhaar
  • Photo of member should be available in the profile of member interface of Unified portal.
  • Aadhaar of all the family members in e-Nomination is mandatory
  • Photo upload of all family members in e-Nomination is mandatory
  • Aadhaar based e-Sign by the member in e-Nomination
  • Digitally signed nomination PDF will be available in the login of member and field office.
  • This modification is important because a readily available Nomination in the system will help in following ways:

a member will be able to easily file the online Pension Claim
a nominee will be able to file online claim based on OTP on his/her Aadhaar linked mobile.


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